Being a campus ambassador as a Computer Science Student can be beneficial to both personal and professional development of the student. It can help you make your profile stronger for jobs and internships.

You can actually become campus ambassador or experts from some big tech companies to host events, learn skills and build the bridge between college students and the company tools and services.

If you are enthusiastic about technology, you can hone your skills through conducting and attending workshops and events under the name of the big tech company.

There are many campus ambassador programs for Computer Science students. But here I have mentioned best three campus expert programs I believe every CS student must apply to.

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1. Microsoft Student Partner

Microsoft student partner is one of the best campus ambassador program that is available for CS student. Being a MSP you can actually get involved in robust tech communities and develop technical and career skills for future.

To be eligible to apply to Microsoft student partner, you must be at least 16 years old and enrolled in an accredited, higher education academic institution. Anyone from any academic background can apply for the program. Some experience in coding is helpful to join the program.

If you get accepted as Microsoft student partner, you get access to several benefits like premium subscription to Camtasia, SnagIt, free keys to Microsoft products like Windows and VS Enterprise.

There are four milestones in the Microsoft student partner ambassador program. The following screenshot will give you a basic idea on this.

New applicants are accepted quarterly into the program and you can become a MSP as long as you are a student. You can apply any time of the year. You can apply from here.

You’ll have to fill your personal details and details about the institution you have been enrolled in. Also you have to give written answer to two questions related to tech and learning and a video submission of one of the question to apply for the program.

2. GitHub Campus Expert

In my last post I wrote about GitHub Student Developer Pack that gives students access to many commercial software and tools for free. GitHub even has a campus ambassador program named GitHub Campus Expert.

Being a campus expert you can enrich the technology community at your school. You can learn public speaking, leadership, technical writing and software development skills being a GitHub Campus Expert.

To be eligible to apply for the program, you must be at least 18 years old and enrolled in a post-secondary institution.

Once you are accepted through the first phase of application, you’ll have to undergo training through modules in GitHub. Once you complete all the modules, your submissions undergo a detailed review. If there is space for improvements, you’ll be asked to do so. When all your submissions are approved then only you become a GitHub Campus Expert .If you complete all these modules with great enthusiasm, it can actually help in betterment of your personal and professional career.

You can organize events, workshops, talks and build and grow a tech community at your college. You can learn about technical writing, Git tips and tricks, running an organization or community through this program and training.

Check the link to the application here.

3. AWS Educate Student Ambassador

It is another great program that started in 2019 that provides access to career development opportunities, student members recognition and several other benefits for helping other peers learn about AWS educate.

If you are someone interested in cloud computing, then it can be the best student ambassador program that can help to enrich your cloud computing skills. You can learn more about cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, data integration and more through virtual events, blogs and webinars.

You also receive physical and digital benefits including incremental AWS usage at no cost, career development opportunities, and exclusive access to AWS perks

To be eligible to apply for the program, you must be a second or third year student preferable from Science, Technology or Engineering stream. You should be familiar with AWS Educate and AWS products and involved in student organizations in your school.

The application starts around February and the list of approved students is published in April. The first cohort of AWS student ambassador for 2020 has already been published. But you can learn more and apply to this program through this link.



These are three campus ambassador programs that can be beneficial to computer science undergrad students.

Instead of joining ambassador programs that involve marketing and selling products or courses to your peers, these student partner programs can assist to develop technical and personal skills.

If there are any other ambassador programs please let me know.

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