React JS is the most popular library of JavaScript maintained by Facebook and a community of developers. If you are a web developer looking for learning a new library or framework(front-end), then React can be the best choice.

In this post I have mentioned some of the best resources that can help you learn React js for free. These are the resources that helped me when I was learning React.

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There are some quiet great courses on React js which you can get at a competitive rate in Udemy and other websites. But in this post I have listed just the courses that are available for completely free.

Before learning React JS you must be familiar with JavaScript. Here are some best free courses to learn JavaScript for free.

Let’s get started.

1. Scrimba

If you have read my free web development courses post, then you must have known about Scrimba. This is one of my best resource to learn web development be it basic Html, Css and JavaScript or JS frameworks.

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Scrimba has a 6 hours long course for React beginners which is one of the very first tutorials I followed and this is one of the best course for beginners. It doesn’t include everything (topics like Redux Router, Redux, React hooks) that you need to know about react but it will help you get started without scaring you.

One of the best feature of Scrimba is interactive videos which let you edit the code directly on the playing video. It can help you understand the concepts easily by editing and playing with the code of your instructor.

Apart from beginner React JS course there are many other tutorials on React hooks and creating projects with React. These can give you idea on how you can work on real projects. There are project videos where you’ll create a movie search app, a live chat app and tic tac toe.

Scrimba has paid courses and they are classified as bootcamp in their website but with the free courses you’ll get quite a good understanding of React and you can start working on simple projects.

2. YouTube

YouTube is a goldmine to learn new skills for free. Be it cooking or getting started with Programming, YouTube has everything that you need.

If you search for “react js tutorial for beginners” you’ll find lots of free videos to get started with React. As a beginner it is essential to know which one of the tutorial you should follow. Here I will be sharing some of my best channels and playlist to learn React for beginners.

2.1 Codevolution

Codevolution is one of the best channel on React js where you’ll find react js basics, hooks, redux and even some practical usage tutorial videos for beginners.

To get started it has a playlist on Fundamentals of React Js and also React Hooks for beginners series where he explains about all the features you need to know. Also he has a series on React redux and another named Practical react where he introduces about node modules which can be helpful at some point when you start working as a React developer.

2.2 The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja is another great YouTube channel for web developers and programmers.

This channel has a great React js with Redux tutorial and React hooks and context series for beginners. It is actually a great course that can help you get started with React. Also the channel has a complete tutorial where you learn to create a full stack app with React, Redux and Firebase.

2.3 freeCodeCamp.Org

freeCodeCamp.Org is actually a free website to learn programming and mainly web development. They have a channel on YouTube with the same name which is a goldmine of programming video tutorials.

It has a long list of video tutorials on React where you can learn the basics and also create projects. There are tutorials to create full stack apps with React js and back end languages.

I would recommend following this channel for staying updated and learning react and also other programming languages and stacks.

2.4 Traversy Media

If you are into web development, Traversy Media is another channel you should keep in your subscription list.

He even happens to have some great Udemy courses. But there are also some great courses and tutorials on his YouTube channel. He has a crash course on React and many other projects based React courses where you’ll learn from basics and being able to create projects on your own.

2.5 Coding Addict

If you believe in learning by doing projects, Coding Addict can be the best YouTube channel you should subscribe.

The channel has a playlist on React Projects and one on Redux where you’ll build different projects while learning React.

3. Official React Documentation

Official react docs is another great resource to learn React for free and you have everything you need to learn.

If you enjoy learning step-by-step, React docs have step-by-step guide to learn React from Hello World. But if you prefer learning by doing, it has a tutorial which helps you learn React building a Tic Tac Toe app.

4. is a great website to learn web development. There are many courses on JavaScript libraries and frameworks in this website which are mix of both free and paid videos.

To be honest, I haven’t used Egghead by myself. But I have seen many developers in Reddit and other sites recommend Egghead tutorials like Kent Dodd’s “React Tutorials for beginners”. The course is also listed on free resources to get started with React section of React docs. This actually seems to be a great tutorial to get started for beginners.

5. FullStackOpen

FullStackOpen is actually a full stack development course offered by the University of Helsinki’s Department of Computer Science. This course encompasses all modern Web development topics like React, Redux, Nodejs, MongoDB and GraphQL.

It is a text-based course and you’ll learn by doing in this course.

It explains all the details from how web apps work and how to build them using the tools as mentioned above. You’ll be given exercises and assignments in each module to test your what you learn on the course.

This course is actually great if you want to get into full stack web development.


These are some of the best free resources to learn React JS for free.

If you want to get started as a beginner Scrimba can be the best stop and you can proceed to other project based tutorials or other resources as well. Also YouTube channels are the best ways to stay updated about the new trends and learning new stuffs on any topic.

Also check this tutorial on how to get free subscription to premium courses on Pluralsight.


Also doing projects is the best way to learn new skills so you must do some projects on your own. You can check out this tutorial on how I built a simple Covid-19 tracker app with React.

I hope these resources will help beginners to get started with React js. If there are any other best free resources to learn React, make sure to let us know.

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