JavaScript is one of the most popular and best programming languages to learn in 2020. If you are someone who wants to get started into programming or web development, I would recommend starting to learn JavaScript.

There are many resources(both paid and free) to learn JavaScript on your own. In this post I have mentioned just the best free resources to learn JavaScript.

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Here I have included the resources that are helpful to the beginners and also to someone who is looking for free resources to brush up the JS skills.

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Let’s dive into the best free resources to learn JavaScript online.

1. FreeCodeCamp.Org

If you are someone with no programming knowledge and want to learn JavaScript for free, freeCodeCamp is the best resource to start with. It is actually a great free resource to learn web development for free for complete newbies.

FreeCodecamp has interactive exercises where you can learn by doing. Also you can get help through videos and forums related to the topic you are learning in the platform.

This is one of my favourite resources for anyone who wants to get started into JavaScript.

Also there are tutorials to learn JavaScript frameworks like React for free after mastering vanilla JS.

2. Practical Javascript

Learning by doing is the most talked “best” approach to learn any programming language.

Practical Javascript is the best resource if you want to learn by creating a project created by Gordon Zhu. With this free resource you will learn the basics of JS while creating a todo app.

Gordon Zhu has broken the app into simple small steps and at the end of the tutorial you’ll learn all the basics and also know how to work on projects.

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3. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial is one of my favorite and one of the most comprehensive resources to learn JavaScript for free for beginners and to programmers of every level.

It has everything you need to learn about JS with detailed explanations.

The tutorial is divided into three parts where you learn about the language in the first part, how JS interacts with the browser and DOM in the second part and additional topics on the third part.

4. Eloquent Javascript

Eloquent JavaScript is a book available for free and is one of the most popular resources to learn JavaScript for free.

You can read it online on your browser, download it as PDF or get your own paperback copy from Amazon(this option is not free).

The online version of the book actually is interactive where you can run the code snippets from the book.

If you are a complete beginner, you may have a hard time following this book so I would recommend learning the basics and how JavaScript works before reading this book. The first four chapters can be learnt easily after learning the basics and you can move to relatively more advanced topics after completing the first chapters.

5. You Don’t Know JS

If you want to learn JavaScript diving deep into the core concepts, You Don’t Know JS is one of the best resources to get started.

It is a six part book which introduces you with the good and also the weird parts of JavaScript. If you want to have a deep understanding of JS, this is the resource you should go with.

This series can actually help to broaden your understanding of JavaScript.

But it can be a little confusing and tough to someone who is just learning to code. So you use this book as a reference to accompany other free resources to have a better understanding of a particular topic.

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6. JavaScript 30

JavaScript30 is one of the best and one of my favorite free JavaScript courses. JavaScript 30 is an awesome free resource created by Wes Bos, where you learn and master JavaScript by creating 30 awesome projects.

The website suggests you can create 30 projects with pure JavaScript in 30 days.

If you are a complete beginner, I’d recommend first learn the basics of JavaScript before enrolling for this course. You’ll need to have some knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals and working in the DOM before going with this course.

This is actually a great free course for someone stuck with console.log() in JavaScript and want to learn by application.

7. YouTube

YouTube is a great place to find free resources on JavaScript. I have listed some of my favorite channels on YouTube to learn JS.

7.1 FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodecamp has tutorials on web development as well as other programming topics with no ads.

There are beginner tutorials which can get you started with JavaScript with no prior knowledge in JS. Also there are videos where you learn to create Projects with HTML, CSS and JS.

7.2 Programming with Mosh

Programming with Mosh is another great YouTube channel to learn JavaScript.

Mosh has created videos on different JS topics which can help you understand some particular topics of JavaScript clearly. Also he has crash courses on basics of JS, OOP with JavaScript and ES6 features.

7.3 Traversy Media

If you want to learn JS with crash courses and creating projects, Traversy media is another great channel to follow on YouTube.

Brad Traversy has crash courses and project based tutorials to learn JavaScript and learn how to work on projects with JS.

8. Codecademy

If you are a complete beginner in programming, Codecademy is another great resource to learn JavaScript.

Codecaemy has various courses on different programming languages which are a mix of both free and paid lessons.

You can try just the free lessons to learn JavaScript for free accompanied by other resources listed on this post.

The lessons are interactive tutorials where you learn to code with hands-on practice.

9. MDN Web Docs

As a web developer and a JS developer, Mozilla Developer Network’s docs is a resource you will refer to every now and then for reference.

MDN docs is a great free resource to learn about JavaScript. In addition to learning step-by-step as on other resources, you can search for a topic you want to clear your doubts on and you’ll find great explanations of everything.

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The docs are maintained by the community developers and is a great resource to use as a reference for web developers.

10. Learn JavaScript

Learn JavaScript is an interactive tutorial to learn JavaScript with hands-on practice.

This website is actually under construction but there are concise tutorials on JS topics to learn for beginners.

11. Other Resources

There are other great resources to learn JavaScript for beginners in addition to the above mentioned resources.

W3Schools is a great resource which can be used as a reference for web developers.

JavaScriptForCats is another text based best free resource to learn and master JavaScript for beginners.

Also there are other YouTube channels where you can learn to code JavaScript for free.


Here I have mentioned some of the best free courses to learn Javascript. This article includes all types of resources like books, text docs and video courses.

I hope these will be helpful to beginner and intermediate JavaScript developers to learn and master JS online for free.

If you find it helpful make sure to share this in your social media profiles.

Thank you for reading.

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