This is my first post on helping you to learn programming for free. In this blog I will be sharing free resources that can help you start and enhance your developer career.

Web development is an essential skill for programmers today. Even if you are someone who want to get started in programming, web development can be the best way to get started.

In this post I will be sharing best sites to learn front-end web development for free.

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I am personally a fan of free courses to learn anything online (most of the times). But there are so many resources online that as a beginner you may feel overwhelmed about which resource you should get started with. So here I have compiled a list of best free sites and resources to help you learn web development for free.

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Free Sites To Learn Web Development

1. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is one of the best and one of my favorite resource to learn web development for free. The free course comprises of everything you need to learn about web development. It covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass and React for completely free.

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You’ll have to complete challenges related to the topic to complete the modules in FreeCodeCamp. Also their blogs and forums are the best ways to learn about recent trends and best practices on web development and programming.

2. Scrimba

Scrimba is another great resource to learn web development without spending anything. There are both free and paid courses on scrimba but the free courses are enough for kisckstarting your web development journey.

The best thing about Scrimba is the feature of interactive videos. You can actually edit, copy and run the code your instructor is using inside the screencast. This can be the best way to implement something you learn right away.

3. MDN Docs

If you are someone who prefer text based tutorials and guides to video tutorials, then MDN web docs is the best place to learn Html, css and javascript.

It is an open source resource created and maintained by developers community. MDN web docs include everything you need to know become comfortable from beginner level. It has everything that you need to know about web development. MDN docs has descriptive and simple docs on Html, CSS, JavaScript, React, Ember, Vue JS and even back-end frameworks Django and Node.js .

4. HTML Dog

HTML dog has tutorials on three core languages of web development Html, CSS and Javascript available for free.

Each language has been divided into three steps; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The tutorials include step-by-step guides, stand-alone tips and tricks and best practices of web development.

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5. W3Schools

W3Schools is another website to learn web development as well as programming for free. It offers courses divided into different sections just like in freecodecamp where you can learn by trying the exercises yourself.

There are many exercises related to HTML, CSS and JavaScript that can aid you learn and revise your know on the language. In addition to this there are tutorials related to React, Angular, SASS and BootStrap. Also you can learn backend web development languages like PHP and Node.js in W3Schools.

6. The Odin Project

The Odin Project is another great resource to learn full stack web development for free supported and maintained by open source community.

You can learn Html, Css, Javascript, Ruby with TOP. You can go from zero programming knowledge to being comfortable with web technologies with the odin project.

With Odin Project, you can choose either to learn only Front end only, Full Stack Javascript or Full Stack Ruby on Rails track and get started as per your preference.

7. Dash

If you want to learn by doing a project alongside, Dash is a great platform to learn web development for free. It is a free course by GeneralAssembly which teaches you the basics of web development through some awesome beginner friendly projects.

8. Udemy

Udemy is an awesome place to find tutorials on everything on the internet. From blogging to programming you can find video lessons created by many tutors on Udemy at the price of 10$(most of the times).

Apart from paid courses there are also free courses in Udemy which you can find with a simple trick. Whenever you are searching something click filter and click on the free Checkbox to find free courses on that topic.

Also here’s a list of best free courses on Udemy on different topics like Git, Web Development and programming.

9. Codecademy

Codecademy is another great resource to learn programming online. Actually it has both free and paid courses to learn web development and programming.

Codeacademy offers many programming courses for free. Pro version gives you access to more exclusive courses, coding exercises and projects. Many developers suggest Codeacademy (free) to get started with web development for free.


These are some of the best free resources to learn web development for free and become a self-taught web developer. You can also use these sites to practice or revise skills if you are enrolled in some boot-camps or offline classes.


Also you can assists the courses from the sites above with the blog posts on different websites, YouTube videos, podcasts to get started from zero programming knowledge to become a skilled web developer.

I hope these resources will be helpful for anyone trying to learn web development.

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