If you want to get started into web development and make a career, you must master CSS along with HTML. CSS refers to the Cascading Style Sheet. Most developers define CSS as the adjective of web pages (HTML as noun and JavaScript as verb) which defines how the elements on the website would look like.

I have already published an article on free resources to learn web development. In this post I’ll mainly focus on resources with which you can learn CSS as a beginner and master it for web development.

This post includes some of the best resources where you can learn CSS from ground level and master it. I have included all forms of resources like text-based courses, video courses, YouTube channels and playlists and other blogs and sites where you can learn CSS for free.

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So let’s dive into the resources list.


YouTube is a great place to find video tutorials on anything including programming and web development. It actually has many resources that you might get lost searching for the right tutorials you should follow as a beginner.

Here I have listed some popular and some of my favorite YouTubers and playlists where you can learn CSS for free.


If you search for CSS tutorials then I am sure you will get freeCodeCamp for numerous times on the search results. Actually freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel has videos on various topics of Web development.

With the tutorials on this channel, you can get started with CSS from ground level and start creating websites. It has video tutorials on everything you should learn about CSS including Grids, Flexbox and Sass.

As an aspiring web developer this is one of the many channels you should keep in your subscription list on YouTube.

Traversy Media

Traversy Media is a YouTube channel managed by Brad Traversy and you can watch tutorials and videos related to web development in this channel.

He has a crash course on CSS for beginners, CSS grid, flexbox, responsive design and other tutorials where you can learn to create websites with HTML and CSS.

Wes Bos

Wes Bos is another great instructor if you want to learn web development. He creates and publishes tutorials on web development related topics.

If you want to learn CSS grids and flexbox there are dedicated videos on this channel grouped as playlists.

Other Channels

There are other channels as well which I believe you should follow as a web developer. The Net Ninja has videos on different topics of web development and also has a dedicated CSS playlist for beginners, Flexbox and grid tutorial. DevEd, Web Dev Simplified are some of the channels I follow and you can do so as well.


Scrimba is another great resource to everyone who wants to get started into web development. It is an interactive video tutorial site where you can directly edit the code of the instructor in the video player. I am a fan of the site because of this feature.

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It has introductory courses on CSS that can help anyone get started with CSS. Also there are courses on CSS grid, Flexbox, BootStrap and Responsive web design which I believe everyone must learn.


I got to know about this awesome site from a reddit discussion thread. InternetingIsHard is a site with friendly web development tutorials for complete beginners.

If you want to get started into web development as a beginner who enjoys reading docs or books, then this can be one of the best sites to get started.

Also it is a great resource to learn CSS for free. It includes topics like Box model, css selectors, flexbox, responsive design etc. If you have already learned some HTML and CSS, then this website can be the best resource to brush up your skills as well.

All the content on the website is maintained and authored by Oliver James and he boasts the InternetingIsHard is the only introduction to web development you’ll ever need to get started into web development.

CSS Basics

CSS Basics is actually a free online book which contains 18 chapters where you will learn the basics of CSS for free. You can learn CSS from ground level and learn all the basics with this book.

You can either read this course online or download all the chapters in the form of pdf to learn CSS offline.

All the chapters have concise clear explanations of everything you need to learn about the basics of CSS.

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MDN Web Docs

MDN web docs is something you will use as a reference every now and then as a web developer. Be it learning web development as a beginner or clearing some doubts in some specific topics, MDN docs is the best place to find the solutions to your queries.

The CSS portion of the web docs will help you become proficient in CSS. It covers all the fundamentals of css. You can start with the CSS tutorials section to learn the basics and then read the Reference sections to learn more topics like Flexbox, grids, media queries and animation.


Marksheet is another great resource to learn HTML and CSS for free. You can start reading and learn about web development topics like how web works, HTML and CSS for beginners.

This site is well designed and the course is concise. You can use this site as a reference as well. It covers the topics like CSS basics, Box Model, Positioning and even Sass.

Other Resources

CSS Tricks

CSS tricks is a great blog you should follow as a front end developer. It includes blog posts and tutorials on HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Flexbox Froggy

Flexbox froggy is another great game where you learn CSS flexbox by helping the frog as per the instructions on the game.

W3Schools CSS tutorials

W3Schools is a great reference website for every web developer. It has tutorials and references to learn CSS for free.


With the courses and references from the sites mentioned above you can start learning CSS for free and become proficient.

The best way of learning is always doing projects on your own. So after learning the basics and how to use them in your projects, it is always the good idea to implement it and create websites on your own using html and css.

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I hope these sites will be helpful to anyone trying to learn or brush up the css skills.

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